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Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya বিবেকানন্দ মিশন মহাবিদ্যালয়

NAAC Accredited College

Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

I.T. Infrastructure

Infrastructure Facilities

Our  Vivekananda  Mission  Mahavidyalaya  has  appropriately  3.42 acres  of  land.  Although  the  area  at  our  disposal  has  always  been  inadequate  for  our  aspirations,  we  have  also  been  able  to  utilize  the  space  optimally. As a  result, our  college  has  made  significant  infrastructural  developments in  the  last  few  years. The  college  believes that  all  these  will go  a  long  way  into  making  the  institute  a  preferred  choice  for  students  who  aspire  for  value-based  education.

  • The  campus  area  has  been  extended  sufficiently  for  a  building  to  conduct  post-graduation  classes.
  • A  smart  class-room is  provided  for  taking  audio-visual  classes on  the  first  floor  of  the  Library  Building.
  • A  separate  seminar-hall  is  provided  for  conducting  various  meetings, conferences, workshops and  seminars.
  • Every  department  has  been  provided  desktops with  printers  with  wi-fi  facility.
  • Every  department possesses their  departmental  library where  the  students  can  borrow  books  under  the  guidance  of  the departmental  professors.
  • Students  from  Science stream have  the well-equipped  laboratory and  they  do  practical  class  under  the  guidance  of  their  professors  with  the  lab-assistant.
  • The  college  has  constructed  a  specific  shed  for  the  students  and  college-staff to keep their cycles  and  motor-vehicles.
  • The  institution has  a  multi-gym jointly  donated  by  the  Govt. of  West  Bengal  and  the  Govt. of India. A  Yoga- training  centre  also  exists  adjacent  to  the  gymnasium. Both  of  them  are taken  care  of  by  the  Physical  Education Department.
  • A  clean,  spacious  college-canteen is  enjoyed  by  the  students  and  staff at a  subsidized  rate.  It  has  the  separate  enclosures  for  male,  female-students and  the  college-staff.
  • The  corridors  of  the  college  are  decorated  with  the  beautiful  green  plants  maintained  by  the  college  NSS  group.
  • The  campus  is  fortified  with  the  CCTV cameras.
  • The  college  boasts  of  the  ICT laboratory containing more  than 30,000  books,  various  types  of  journals,  serials,  pamphlets,  references, magazines  and  newspapers  under  CLOUD campus. The  central  library  is  a  member  of  N-LIST, a  product  of  INFLIBNET.
  • The  college  has  the  separate  common  rooms for  the  boys  and  girls. The  institution  has  also  provided  a  separate  big  room  for  the  students’ union. Also  a  room  has  been  allotted  to  the  students for  their  indoor- games.
  • The  mahavidyalaya  has  a  vast  play-ground to host  not  only  the  annual  college  sports  but  also  other  college- programmes like  college social,  football  and  cricket matches

I.T. Infrastructure

There are total 83 computers in our college including five well equipped computer labs and a digital library with internet facilities. These labs are also equipped with printer, scanner, projector, white board etc. The details of computer labs and digital library are given below:


Computer (Quantity)

Commerce Lab


Computer Lab


Physics Lab


Geography Lab


Mathematics Lab


Digital Library



  • Besides that every department have their own computer with printer and internet facility.
  • The entire college campus is Wi-Fi enabled.  Students have extensive and free access to the Internet for surfing as well as e-mail.
  • A  smart  class-room is  provided  for  taking  audio-visual  classes on  the  first  floor  of  the  Library  Building.