Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya
Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Teachers and Ph.D.

The following serving teachers have completed their Ph.D.s in the last few years

Dr. Pradip Kumar Dash Selection Grade Lecturer in Commerce A study of the Inland fisheries in the District of Midnapore Vidyasagar University, 2010
Dr. Asim Kumar Mandal Assistant Professor in Philosophy Prakriti Chetana O Paribesh Unnayan: Ekti Darshanik Samiksha”
Nature Consciousness and Environmental Improvement: A Philosophical Analysis
Jadavpur University, 2011
Dr. Archana Nayak Part-time (Permanent)teacher in Chemistry Development and spectroscopic study of some rare-Earth based ceramic and glassy nano phosphor useful in lighting and CRT display Jadavpur University, 2011
Dr. Ashis Adhikary Assistant Professor in Bengali “Kabi Binoy Majumdar er Jibon O Kobita”
Life and poems of Binoy Majumdar
Vidyasagar University, 2012

Teachers who have joined the institution with Ph.D.s in the last few years

Dr. Atanu Jana Assistant Professor in Physics Synthesis and characterization of transition metal ion doped nanocrystalline BaTiO3 Vidyasagar university
Dr. Amalesh Adhikari Assistant Professor in Physical Education Comparative Effect of Sensory Deficiency on Functional Response in relation to Sensory Ability, Motor Ability and Kinesthetic Perception Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior. [Deemed University]
Dr. Dipesh Ghosh Assistant Professor in Chemistry Some aspects of early transition metal chemistry with sulfur-nitrogen chelating ligands Jadavpur University
Dr. Gaurhari Mandal Part-time (Permanent) teacher in Chemistry (Ex-Associate Professor) Investigation on Polysaccharides Jadavpur University
Dr. Subhas Chandra Maiti Guest lecturer in Zoology Scanning Electron microscopic and Biochemical Studies of different components of the eyes in vertebrates Burdwan University
Dr. Munmun Dey Assistant Professor in Commerce A study into the determinants of Shareholder Activism in India Vidyasagar University

The following staffs are engaged presently at various stages in their respective Ph.D. Programmes

Smt. Malika Basu (Ghosh) Assistant Professor in History Science, colonialism and Pharmaceutical Industries: Case studies of three Pharmaceutical Industries in Kolkata 1855-1947 Vidyasagar University
Submitted her thesis for evaluation on 21.08.13
Smt. Kakali Ghosh Assistant Professor in Philosophy A critical study of Astanga Yoga: Theory and Practice Vidyasagar University
Sri Santanu Basu Assistant Professor in English The evolving Nation in the works of Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani University of Calcutta
Sri Dipak Kumar Mandal Assistant Professor in Philosophy The doctrine of Niskama Karmayoga of the Bhagavadgita: A critical study Vidyasagar University
Miss Sunita Bar Assistant Professor in Sanskrit Various social pictures in Bhasa’s dramas Rabindra Bharati University
Sri Arijit Roy Assistant Professor in Commerce Kalyani University
Sri Joydeb Das Librarian Evaluation of the existing pattern of staffing in the University libraries of West Bengal in the context of total quality management: A comparative study Vidyasagar University
Smt. Swagata Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor in Political Science Protection of Child Rights in West Bengal : A Case Study in the District Of Burdwan Vidyasagar University
Smt. Madhumita Mandal (Bera) Assistant Professor in History Vidyasagar University