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Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya বিবেকানন্দ মিশন মহাবিদ্যালয়

NAAC Accredited College

Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Commerce Department


About the Department

Our college, Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya was established at Chaitanyapur (Haldia) , in Purba Medinipur in 1968 with only the Arts Faculty as a primary step. Later it expanded its academic curricula by introducing the science and commerce faculty in the progressive years.The college authority, to provide variety, opened the Commerce Faculty to offer Commerce as a general subject in 1971-72. Later, the rapid industrialization in Haldia created a huge employment opportunity which prompted the authority to introduce Accountancy as an Honours subject in 1991- 92. We also admire the activities and contributions of the following teachers in glamorizing our departments . Prof Aloke Kumar Bhattacharyya has served our Department from 1972 - 1979. Prof. ChittaRanjanGhosh has taken his retirement in 2001 after serving our Department for 27 years. Prof. KrishnapadaSamanta has taken his retirement in 2003 after serving our Department for 29 years. Prof. GolamMahiuddin has retired in 2009 after serving our Department for 30 years. Prof. AnupMaji has resigned from this Institution in 2010 after serving our Department for 10 years. Dr. ManisankarMaiti, Ex-Principal has taken his retirement in 2016 after serving our Department for 15 years. At present, in the Commerce Department there are four full-time teachers along with four part- time permanent teachers and one guest teacher. The current student strength in the Commerce Department is 117. The teacher-student ratio of 1 st year is 9:37, that of 2 nd year is 9:34 and that of 3 rd year is 9:46 .In recent days, we have got the permission to teach P.G., the teaching may be started from the session 2015-16. It indicates that the teacher-strength is quite adequate in the Department. The current faculty profile is given below:


Dr. Pradip Kr. Dash
Designation : Head, Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Com., Ph.D., I.C.W.A. (Inter)

Dr. Arijit Roy
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : M.A., Ph.D
Additional Responsibilities : In Charge Departments of Zoology 

Dr. Munmun Dey
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Com, Ph.D

Dr. Soumya Saha
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Com, MBA, Mphil, PGDFM, Ph.D

Prof. Samir Kr. Maity
Designation : Part-time Permanent
Qualification : M.Com., LL.B.

Prof. Soumit Mandal
Designation : Part-time Permanent
Qualification : M.Com, M.Ed.

Prof. Kousik Pal
Designation : Guest Faculty
Qualification : M.Com 

Dr. Pradip Kr. Dash completed I.C.W.A (Inter) and has taken part in various Orientation Programmes,Refresher Courses and participated number of seminars at VidyasagarUniversity. He completed his Ph.D from Vidyasagar University under the supervision of Prof. (Dr.) Kartick Chandra Paul formerly Head of the Department of Commerce & Farm Management and Coordinator of M BA, Vidyasagar University in 2010. The title of the theses is “INLAND FISHERIES IN THE DISTRICT OF MIDNAPORE”. He has three publications in the Internaional Magazine.

Dr.Arijit Roy has taken part in various Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses and served as a project fellow in a World Bank-I.G.I.D.R. funded research project – “C.P.R. Institutions in W.B.-An Analysis of the Environment-Economy Interface” under the supervision of Prof. RabindraNath Bhattacharya. He hadsix publications in the International Journals. He also presented papers in three International and fourNational Seminars. Dr. MunmunDey recently joined the college after five years of service as Assistant Professor in Commerce in St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata. She also taught in ICFAI for 2 years from August’ 2007 to April ’2009 on Accounting for Managers, Project Management, Strategic Financial Management, Financial Management and Security Analysis and taught as guest lecturer in Manipal Universal Learning Pvt. Ltd from July’2008 to December’2008. She also attended several workshop i) Quantitative Methods ii) “Derivatives: An art of Risk Management” iii) Security Analysis & iv) Portfolio Management. She also attended Faculty Training Programme, Orientation Programme and Refresher Course. She has twelve publications in the International Magazine. She presented thirteen papers in National & International Seminars. She attended five National and two International Seminars from 2008.She completed her Ph.D degree from Vidyasagar University under the supervision of Dr. Arindam Gupta. The title of the theses is ‘A study into the determinants of Shareholder Activism in India’.

Sri Soumya Saha joined as an Assistant Professor in Commerce at Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya in 2016. He also associated with Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta as a guest faculty. Prior to that he was associated with the Post Graduate Department of Commerce, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata an autonomous Institution under University of Calcutta. He submitted his Ph.D. thesis to the Department of Business Management of University of Calcutta. He has published research papers in two international and thirteen national Journals and presented a numerous research papers in various National and International Conferences. Along with he has authored one book published by Lambert Academic Publishing and one edited volume by Regal Publications.

Sri Samir Kr. Maity is a regular legal-practitioner in the law court. Besides teaching, he renders valuable advice to the staff as well as to the Mahavidyalaya in the legal matters. Sri SaumitMandal has completed his M.Ed. degree from VidyasagarUniversity. Most of the students come from the local villages except a few who are from the distant places. Changes in the courses or programmes are done by the Board of Studies,Vidyasagar University has made dynamic changes in the syllabus of each subject in 2017 after conducting a series of workshops involving the teachers from all the colleges under the jurisdiction of the University. The changed syllabus with Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Semester Examination will be effective for the students admitted in 1 st year in 2018.

The Department had organized a State Level UGC sponsored Seminar on “Globalization of Indian Accounting Standards on 20.12.2008”. Sometimes, the teachers use the Overhead projector and slides in the class-room. The success triggered by the audio-visual method has prompted the Department to acquire more sophisticated LCD projector, Overhead Projector, rolling board and other equipment. Sometimes, the teachers use the Overhead projector and slides in the class-room. We take the help of Laptop to teach on some topics through power point in general classes. The students can know the procedure of filling various Tax & accounting based forms through the teaching by the help of Overhead Projector. So far as the trends in success-rate and admission rate are concerned, the Department has a mixed experience. In present years the admission in Commerce is rapidly collapsed. Due to non-availability of vacancy in SSC for the appointment in Schools the students from rural areas are reluctant to read in commerce. We observed that we had heavy demand in earlier period for admission to Commerce when we had to publish merit list for the admission in 1 st year Commerce. We must consider the fact that the college is situated in a scheduled-caste belt and, hence, most of the students are from poor backward families. For most of the students, it is the first generation that is undergoing higher education. Obviously, they feel uncomfortable in the atmosphere of continuous change. The end-result is “drop-out” and moderate success rate. But the result of our departments is very much attractive because the success rate of our department is 100% in last five years. And the students of our Departments awarded 25 First class in last nine years. The students of the Department have a good access to the Central Library of the Mahavidyalaya and there are approximately 3145 books. There are about 105 books for the Commerce Department along with one journal. The students use the computers of the Commerce Department. They have the opportunity to use four computers, one laptop and an external hard disc in the Department. However, there is an urgent need to increase the number of books and journals especially after the change in the syllabus. The Faculty generally follows the traditional lecture-method for teaching and the medium of lecture is Bengali and English. Inter-active discussion and feedback method are followed too. Besides the usual teaching and research, the teachers are engaged in many co-curricular and student-welfare related activities. Sri Arijit Roy is closely associated with the N.S.S. wing of the Mahavidyalaya and is the Programme officer of N.S.S.. He had participated in a N.S.S. Orientation Course conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India in I.I.T., Kharagpur.. Dr. ManisankarMaiti, the Ex-Principal, himself was an A.N.O. All the teachers in the department are members of different sub- committees like the Academic Sub-Committee, Finance Sub-Committee and Development Sub- Committee and so on. The teachers are actively engaged in personal as well as academic counseling to the students. Information regarding various job oriented courses, entrance tests and job vacancies are provided to the students.

The Department organized a State Level UGC sponsored Seminar named “Globalization of Indian Accounting Standards” on 20.12.2008.The eminent academicians present in that seminarwere Dr. Udaybhanu Bhattacharya,Director, H&SS, Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata, Dr. T. L. Khan,Head, Department of Commerce & Farm Management, Vidyasagar University, Dr. K. C. Paul,Professor, Department of Commerce & Farm Management, Vidyasagar University, Dr. Uttam Dutta,Professor of Commerce,Burdwan University, Dr. Dipak Kumar Tamili,Principal, Egra SSB College.

The department.is being decorated with a library equipped with relevant books and journals. We are trying to adopt more practical-based teaching method to cope with the new syllabus. Computer training is provided to the students so that they can handle the accounting packages like Tally 7.2, EX.NGN, along with MS PowerPoint and MS Access. The concepts of e- commerce, e-banking, Aquittance Roll, D-MAT Account etc. are to be introduced. The facilities of Internet are also available in our Department. Teachers and students can use this as and when necessary.

The Department has opened a Commerce Laboratory for practical classes with the following tools:

  1. Computers with Internet facility,
  2. Annual Reports of Companies, the Govt. & non-Govt. Institutions,
  3. Stock Exchange Official Directory,
  4. Cash Book, Pass Book, Cheque Book of concern,
  5. Audit Report Collection,
  6. Different types of forms, challans, vouchers etc..


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