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Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya বিবেকানন্দ মিশন মহাবিদ্যালয়

NAAC Accredited College

Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Vivekananda Mission Mahavidyalaya

Alumni Space

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of our College Praktanee was established in 2003. The Alumni Association regularly interacts with the authority as an important stakeholder. Many of our alumni have gone on to establish themselves in various fields and been nominated to the highest decision making body of the college, Governing Body. Among the alumni who have been part of the Governing Body in the present and the recent past include Sri Partha Batabyal and Sri Anandamoy Adhikary. Some of the ways in which the Alumni Association has been serving the institution are:

  1. By establishing a cordial relationship between the freshers and the ex-students.
  2. By promoting academic and development works of the college.
  3. By holding seminars, symposiums, workshops and other philanthropic services.
  4. By sharing with the current students various information regarding jobs and self-employment opportunities.
  1. By offering service and support to the college in its moments of need.

Moreover, in the yearlong college Golden Jubilee celebration that began on 9th August 2017, the alumni played an important part both in its organization and arrangement. Felicitated on this occasion, they took active interest in both the inaugural and the closing ceremony of the Golden Jubilee.